Sunday, December 16, 2007

The SF Atheists Solstice Party

From far left, audience member Gene Simmons (aka Dave Kong of The SF Atheists) Keith, Chad, Sammy Obeid (special guest Buddhist,) Tissa Hami, John Ross, Tapan Trivedi and the old man who is always revealed beneath the rubber mask at the end of Scooby Doo.

Great Show, nice people, hilariously bad sound system (that little box in front of us there, that's it!!) The SF Atheists were a fun and lively bunch, as evidenced by them coming on this blog and commenting before I even had a chance to get this post up (see last post's comments.)

We had a Buddhist with us, Sammy Obeid. He turned in a great set. I hope we get to work with him again. Thanks again SF Atheists.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And so it is done

Well we played the Punch Line SF. So, now we're famous right? It was a good show. Kind of a mellow Monday night sort of thing. I much prefer a raucous Saturday night sorta thing but we've got one of those coming up anyway. This Saturday is going to be amazing. We're playing at The SF Atheist Party and the atheists tend to be a fun bunch, not that I'm biased or anything. I'm really looking forward to the show.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Tonight Tonight

The Punch Line SF. I can cross the Punch Line off of my list of venues
I want to perform at before I cease to exist (or before I begin my
existence as a frozen headwaiting to be resuscitated in some Utopian future.)
So, now I just need to perform at The Purple Onion, Carnegie Hall, The Crest Theatre (I've MC'd
there already, but I'd love to do my own stand up there) and finally,
after travelling back in time, a private show in BrigitteBardot's dressing room.

Really, it's very exciting to be heading into such a show. I can't wait. See ya there.

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Golden Compass (and the golden dress)

So, just how does an atheist celebrate Christmas? Well, I know what I'll be up to. I'm taking all of the Christian kids I know to see The Golden Compass.

C'mon now folks, could God really be opposed to a movie that features Nicole Kidman in that gold dress? I came darn close to believing in a divine being the first time I saw the commercial.

And what is it with kid's entertainment that gets Jesus' fan club all fired up? Harry Potter, Tinky Winky (or whatever that Tella-Tubbie's name was,) Dungeons and Dragons was a big target when I was a kid, and now The Golden Compass. It's sneaky you say? Right. Its all full of symbolism and what not, unlike good honest films like The Chronicles of Narnia for instance. For the record, I really enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia. I did not protest it at all.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not really bent about this. I find it quite amusing, and I'm sure the extra publicity isn't hurting the film at all.

See ya there, December 25th. Merry Christmas.

PS: "The words daemon, dæmon, are Latinized spellings of the Greek δαίμων (daimon),[1] used purposely today to distinguish the daemons of Ancient Greek religion, good or malevolent "supernatural beings between mortals and gods, such as inferior divinities and ghosts of dead heroes" (see Plato's Symposium), from the Judeo-Christian usage demon, a malignant spirit that can seduce, afflict, or possess humans."
Just so you know.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

John Ross as a teenager

Yep, this is what a Christian looks like in it's pupae state.

Not sure if he was actually a Christian yet when this was taken. If the camera had aimed a bit lower we could check for signs of a second belly button.
You may think the gold cross gives it away. Oh foolish you. A gold cross was as important as a good mullet and a mini-truck to the totally boss of the eighties. C'mon now.

Note: The "What Bitch?!" was added by John himself and you have only him to blame. But please, do the Christian thing and forgive him (or stone him to death, whatever.)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tissa on NPR

Listen to me on NPR stations nationwide this week as part of the program, "Chanukah: A Time for Schtick". Here's the catch - it's on at different dates/times in different regions. To find out when the program will air in your area, check your local NPR station's website. Or, Google the title of the show and individual station listings will pop up.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tissa on

Our ever lovin' Muslim, Ms Tissa Hami will be the special guest on this Sunday.
Amongst other things she'll be talking about our show at The Punch Line in SF on Monday.

So, give a listen. If it's too late for you it will be in their archive soon after.

Ali Mafi will also be appearing. Ali Mafi was our special guest the last time we played in SF and is a Gay Muslim Stand Up Comedian. Theres a combination of words you don't expect to see.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Wanted For Murder

Or at least we should be, because last night we KILLED. It was a packed house, if not a sell out then damn near at least. The audience was most enthusiastic and all the comics turned in a top shelf set. This very much ruled. Can't wait to do it again.

The odd thing is, I wasn't all that nervous before the show, and I'm usually a very nervous guy even for small shows. I have more confidence in this than in just about anything thing I've been involved it and that confidence has proven to be well founded.

Big thanks to everyone who came to see us. Especially my mom, who was the subject of quite a # of jokes.

Clip from our appearance on KCRA

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Watch us on TV tomorrow

Sometime after 7:30 am we'll be on MY58 in the Sacramento area. I'll do my best to get a clip of the interview up soon after.

Update 11/29/07, 4:23pm:
John, Tapan and I went down to KCRA/My58 today and were interviewed. It was quite cold out, at least by California standards, and yet they decided that it was a good idea to do the interview outdoors. Ah well, it gave me a good excuse to wear my rainbow scarf.

I think the interview went very well and they didn't just abandon us with an "Okay, now fill three minutes." like some other stations I could mention.

Tonight we rock the Punch Line. This is our biggest gig so far, but I say its just the beginning. Onward and upward. WOO HOO!

They're talking about us in Iran?

Wow. Tissa just pointed out to me a comment left on the Sac Bee article about us.

bluebear2 writes:

"I live here in Sacramento yet I became aware of this show from a tip from my friend Homeyra in Iran.

What a small world indeed!"

That's way cool. I'm guessing there are pictures of me all over the place in Iran with headlines reading "Who knew that atheists could be so good looking?" Why, I'll bet the ministry of culture invites me over there for a visit in the near future. I will of course accept. And, if Tissa is very nice to me, I'll let her come with.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Great Review from a Friendly Atheist

Click here to read it.
Thanks Friendly Atheist.

From Today's Sacramento Bee

Funny, They all just get along
Coexist? Comedy Tour exercises faith and fun

by Jim Carnes Read it at

Photo by Erik Schorr

A Muslim, a Hindu, a Christian, a Jew and an atheist walk into a comedy club. It's not the beginning of a joke, but it is the start of an evening of holy – or unholy – humor.

The Coexist? Comedy Tour features five comedians of different (and no) faiths, talking about their beliefs and about each other's. The group will perform Thursday at the Punch Line in Sacramento.

The show is the brainchild of local comedian-videographer- provocateur Keith Lowell Jensen (the nonbeliever) and is the outgrowth of discussions he had with his friend and fellow comic Tapan Trivedi, the Hindu.

"Being an atheist and coming from a religious family, I've always thought that people from different religious backgrounds can get along," Jensen said in a recent telephone interview. "Although," he quickly added, "I see it happening less and less."

Jensen said, "I was hanging out backstage at a comedy show one night, chatting with my buddy Tapan, and we were laughing that here we were, an atheist and a Hindu, about to go onstage before a roomful of Christians and tell jokes.

"It hit us what a cool thing that actually was."

Jensen said that shortly after that, he began talking onstage about his being an atheist, and atheist material became a part of his stand-up routine.

The next time he encountered Trivedi, "I told him how much I enjoyed it and how well I thought it was received."

The pair decided to expand the congregation and explore the comic potential.

"I had previously performed with John (Ross), the Christian, in our Funny/Peculiar shows at Luna's, so we recruited him. Chad (Lehrman), our Jew, was an acquaintance, too."

They advertised for their fifth member and found Muslim comic Tissa Hammi via an ad.

"She sent us a tape, and we reviewed it and really liked it," Jensen said.

The group was complete, although he conceded it might be nice to add a Buddhist, a Mormon and "whatever else is out there" to the mix – "if they're funny."

Jensen generally plays master of ceremonies in the shows. "We usually come out onstage together; it's a nice way to establish things, present a united front before we spend the rest of the evening bashing each other," he said.

As the atheist, Jensen said, he enjoys the opportunity of "destroying their sacred cows – figuratively, but sometimes literally" – although the real purpose is not to ridicule another's religion so much as to try to understand it.

"It's kind of an interfaith thing," Jensen said. "You don't see a lot of atheists being invited to interfaith meetings, and it's true that we're not a faith, but we do have something to contribute to the discussion."

Audiences have been very receptive to the shows, the comic said.

"We did a four-show test run at the Geery Theater here and it was a hit from the get-go," he said. "We knew immediately it was something special."

The group then appeared at a club in Los Angeles and the show sold out.

"We did a 90-minute show and then probably spent another 90 minutes on the street outside talking with audience members," he said.

"You get a lot of questions from people just asking what it is you believe, or why you don't," he said. "You soon realize that a lot of people don't interact with a Hindu on a regular basis.

"It's neat to see people get together and talk about religion."

The group was invited by the Punch Line to perform here – and at its club in San Francisco (that show will be Dec. 10). Other dates in other cities are in the works.

"In our culture right now," Jensen said, "it's all about divisiveness. Divisions are newsworthy. This is something that is not divisive, and it's nice to see that it's being accepted.

"When you hear from a Muslim on TV, you just don't hear them say, 'Here's some joy I want to bring you.'

"We'd like to change that."

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I ran into Chad on the street last night. I think it's an omen, but I'm not sure for what. Keith, any thoughts? Atheists believe in signs, right?

Friday, November 16, 2007

KLJ on Manswers, Spike TV

Just in case anyone is still unclear on this; You're reading our blog. This is not our main site. Visit for updated show information and all that good stuff and then click on "Blog" to get back here and see what ramblings we've rambled lately.
As for me, KLJ, the resident Atheist, I was on Manswers, an obnoxious new Spike TV show, talking about panhandling. Here's a clip:

To find out more about my panhandling visit Thanks

Monday, November 5, 2007

Thanks Zuda Yoga Center

They're nice folks those Zuda Yoga people. I must thank them because a) I write material durring Yoga instead of focusing on my breathing which I maybe shouldn't admit lest I end up owing them royalties.
b) They have helped us spread the word by putting our flyers with their own, right on their front counters.

Support the community that supports you seems to be their philosophy and I couldn't agree more.

Now I must also curse them. They're brand of Yoga is an intense work out and my muscles are burning still. Argh, how dare you make me recognize how out of shape I've become. Ah well, I'll be back there today for more. I'm a glutten that way.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Street Team Action

Everyone has a street team these days. What is a street team? A street team is usually made up non-paid fan types who want to feel like their a part of whatever cool entity they're a fan of. So, they work for free distributing fliers and posters all over town and in exchange they get into the show free and maybe they get a t-shirt.

I thought it was cool when a few independent bands would encourage their fans to do this kind of street promotion, real DIY type stuff. But, like most good things, the corporate fat cats got a hold of it and hung it and now it's become a stupid parody of what it once was. Metalica doesn't need a street team. They've got billions. I'll pass out their fliers when they pass me some of that moo-lah (or when they make another album that's worth a damn.)

Even major studio films have street teams these days. It must be on their list:
  1. Make myspace page
  2. Hire "indy" seeming blogger
  3. recruit street team.
  4. do a few laps in swimming pool full of hundred dollar bills


So, wanna be on our street team?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bloggy bloggy bloggy

So, here is a cool picture I found while browsing through our new fancy pants photo gallery. I like this picture. Not sure why we haven't used if or anything before now. Probably because it would be controversial given the way Tissa, Tapan and Chad are all groping each other behind their backs. Sheesh guys, get a room. You'll notice John and I know how to keep our hands to ourselves.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Our Website Is Live

We prayed, did ritual dances, sacrificed a virgin or two and at long last our website it up.
So, now this blog is just a blog and not our main site. This means we can blog more without pushing vital information down the page. Yay. So look for all sorts of gossip, tales from the road and recipes for snow on a log (like ants on a log but with shredded coconut in place of raisins.)

I can't wait to get back on stage with this awesome show and that the stage we're getting on is the punchline, well that's some cool beans right there. Lots of work being done re; press releases and such. I hope to see you there. Peace,

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Coexist At The Punch Line

Click image to enlargeBuy Tickets Now.
Click for SF tix / Click for Sacramento tix

See our SHOWS page for more information.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Coexist? Comedy Tour, YouTube Video

Short Version

Long Version (more jokes)

Shot during our opening weekend in Sacramento. Come see us live.

Back From LA

And getting some rest.
We'll have more bookings listed very soon. Thanks SO much to everyone who came to the show. We got into town early, checked out the beach, did some promoting on the Santa Monica promenade and made LOTS of dumb jokes.
Apologies to Tissa for having to ride down with three obnoxious boys, and apologies to Tapan (who met us down there) for all the bad impersonations of him we did during the drive (when the Hindu is away the Christian, Jew and Atheist will play.)
We had a great show, met some wonderful people and I can't wait to be back in LA which will be soon. Next time we'll get some photos.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Come See Us In LA!

This weekend, Westside Eclectic. Click Here!
Read about the show in The Jewish Journal.
Or at Bit Torrent.

Sacramento News & Review Best Of...

Congratulations Tapan!

Best Hindu humorist
Tapan Trivedi

For a man who never saw an observational stand-up comic until he moved to America at age 22, Indian comedian Tapan Trivedi has picked up the art with remarkable speed. Trivedi hasn’t met an issue that's too taboo to joke about, whether it’s his frustration at being mistaken for a Muslim on his birthday (which happens to be September 11), his cultural associations with 7-Eleven convenience stores, or finding pride in the appellation "sand nigger." His fearless style and unique voice won him second place in this year’s San Jose Improv Comedy Competition and a coveted spot in the upcoming San Francisco Comedy Competition. Currently headlining as "the Hindu" on the Coexist? Comedy Tour he co-founded with atheist comedian Keith Lowell Jensen, Trivedi will travel the country under the guidance of infinite deities—and Google Maps., B.C.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Killin' 'em in SF

We had a great show last night. The SF Comedy College is a fun venue. Tapan got stranded somewhere so we had to go on without him. Luckily two Muslim comics, Hasan Minhaj and Ali Mafi were on hand and agreed to step in. So, now you know the exchange rate; one Hindu comic = two Muslim comics, though that may change, the world markets are so unpredictable right now.
Hasan is an Indian Muslim, and every woman (and several of the men) in attendance fell quickly in love with him.
Ali Mafi is a gay Muslim comic. Let me say that again, GAY MUSLIM COMIC! So yeah, it was a MOST unusual night of comedy. We had an awesome time. Both of our pinch hitters were top notch. And the Coexist Comics had amazing sets yet again.

Thanks drunk guys from Nebraska, Catholic grandmother and SF Atheists for coming out and supporting and even being a part of the show. I'll try to get video up soon.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pic from The Geery

Click picture to enlarge
Keith, Tapan, Chad, John and Tissa looking victorious after a sold out debut weekend at The Geery Theatre in Sacramento. Thanks Chad for sending this our way.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Opening weekend a HUGE success !

All the shows were sold out and it was an AWESOME experience watching the chemistry between all the comics. The reviews are pouring and saying the same thing 'Can you hear a dial tone - because this show was OFF THE HOOK ?'. All of us - Keith, John, Tissa, Chad and me - Tapan Trivedi - did an awesome job. Almost all of the people who saw the show said they wanted to see more and went home learning more about other religions than what they knew before. And THAT is exactly what we envisioned. Now on to Hollywood and Portland and Seattle and Santa Monica but first look out for us at the SFCC in San Francisco,Ca.
Clips from the shows coming soon.

Tapan Trivedi


Opening weekend was awesome. Maybe the best night of stand up comedy I've ever had.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fantastic Opening

Click image to enlarge
After all the hard work, and much trepidation, here we are, the morning after. The shows went fantastic. The audience was totally on board, the comedy was great fun.
Thanks everyone who came to the first two shows. Looking forward to more tonight.

And, to the woman who wanted to discuss Benjamin Franklin at me, er, I mean, with me, I'll post more about ol' Mr. Franklin later.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Always a Train Wreck

It was great being on Good Day Sacramento. No complaints here, I loved it, I want to go back.
I do have to learn though, that no matter how many times you say "We're not going to do our act on the show." and no matter how many times they say, "That's great, we're just going to interview you." we'd better be ready for "Okay, and now we're going to see some of this comedy, take it away gang..."
We dealt with it okay, but my god (yes I see the irony in my using that expression, move on) three minutes is a LONG time when you're trying to solve the middle east crisis. I mean, we had it solved in like 45 seconds. I don't know what the big deal is.
I did use the word "brown people" on camera and I said that even though we all had different beliefs we shared a distrust of Mormons. Both of these made John Ross, our Christian, cringe. Hopefully it generates some letters to the station. :)
Thanks to all who watched us make fools of ourselves at some ungodly (there it is again) hour of morning.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Don't Be a Sinner

Look at our crew. If you are a Jew, a Hindu, a Muslim or a Christian you should be haunted at the thought of the comedian that represents your religious persuasion standing up on that stage entertaining a bunch of heathens. You should come out so that they can hear at least one person laughing who they know will still be there laughing in heaven (or in the next life.)
In fact, I'm pretty sure it'd be a sin for you NOT to come to our show.

Tee hee, this is what happens when they let the atheist run the blog. See ya all at the show. GLEE!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Talk to me baby

Wow. Looking at the hit counter I see people checkin' out this site from all over the world. Say hello folks. We got this snazzy comment feature. Hello there in Atlanta. Hi Montreal. What's up Istanbul. Greetings Hastings, Kent.

Monday, August 6, 2007

See Us On Tv

The Coexist Comedy Tour will be featured on Good Day Sacramento on Friday August 10th around 8am. Check back for archive/youtube information afterwards.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Dog Disease (and us...)

We're on NPR on Monday. I love the listing; "Dog Disease/Coexist? Comedy" That's rad. Click here for more.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Shows and Ticket Information

Coexist at Punch Line

(Click Here to Buy Tickets)
November 29th, 8:30
2100 Arden Way, 95825

Punchline SF
(Click Here to Buy Tickets)
December 10th, 8pm
444 Battery Street, SF 94111

Click Here for press pack and photos.
Book the Coexist Comedy Tour. Write to


Santa Monica- Westside Eclectic- 9/29
We've added September 29th at West Side Eclectic. Variety Magazine says this is a top place to find talent in LA. That will certainly be true on September 29th at 9:30pm

More LA Dates Coming Soon...

San Francisco Comedy College-9/21
Come see us hold court at the institute of higher clowning. This should be a fun show and I'm guessing the audience will be filled with comedians. Comics onstage always go further when they know their peers are in the crowd. September 21st, at 414 Mason, San Francisco. $10 tickets SOLD OUT

Sacramento- Geery Theatre- 8/10 and 8/11 FOUR SHOWS
22nd and L Street, 95816. Fri and Sat August 10th & 11th. 8 & 10pm both nights.
Tickets are $12.50 or 6 for $66. Avaiable now at or by calling 916-451-4152 SOLD OUT

Friday, July 20, 2007

Taglines we'll NOT be using

  1. We put the Fun in Fundamentalism
  2. New and improved. Now terrorist free!
  3. Come prepared to boo the bad guy
  4. Come laugh at The Jew
  5. We put the Mental in Fundamentalism
  6. At least 1/5 of us do not think you are doomed to burn in hell (actually we may use that one after all)
  7. The Hindu guy is really funny, you know, like Apu on The Simpsons
  8. Don't worry, the atheist isn't very funny
  9. We put the guacamole in Fundamentalism
  10. We wanted to do the show free, but the Jew insisted we charge, sorry.
  11. Hey, if the Christian is up late doing comedy, he's less likely to be at your door at 7am! :)
  12. Don't worry, we won't let the Muslim do any 9-11 jokes

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another Flyer

Click image for much larger version. Click HERE for press photos.

Tickets on sale now at

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Digital Press Pack

Click Image to Enlarge

San Francisco

Group pic w/title

Group pic, no title

Click to open, or right click and choose save as to save.

If you would like to be e-mailed our press release and or photos, or if you'd like to receive a disc in the mail please write us at

Monday, July 9, 2007

Tickets On Sale Now

The Geery Theatre, Sacramento
2130 L Street
Friday & Saturday,
August 10th and 11th, 8 and 10pm both nights
Tickets on sale now at

Click Here to visit Shows page.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Thanks to Erik Schorr for the great pictures.
Click Photos to enlarge.
Click Here for official Press Photos