Friday, April 27, 2007


Tapan is currently touring with Pundits With Punchlines. As this tour winds down in late May you'll start seeing more happening with The Coexist Comedy Tour. We'll be setting up a mailing list and getting more videos up here soon. So, please keep checking back. Thanks for your interest and patience.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Chad Lehrman

The Jew
Chad Lehrman began performing stand-up comedy in his hometown of Tucson, Arizona, where he became a regular at Laff's Comedy Club and also hosted the first weekly comedy showcase in downtown Tucson.

Chad's quirky and sarcastic style has been described as being "like a dry martini." After a move to the San Francisco Bay Area, Chad has appeared on NBC's Last Comic Standing, performed sold-out shows with the Coexist Comedy Tour, and created the popular comedy resource

Chad's writing has been featured in the Complete Idiot's Guide to Jokes, the National Lampoon website, and even this sentence.

Check out his myspace page at


Holy war has never been this much fun.

Humans have long fought and killed one another over their religious differences, only to make up again when they realize how much they miss the other guys' cuisine. Why can't we all get along despite our differences?

Comedians come in many different creeds and comics never fight amongst themselves. It's true, and if you buy that I have an original shroud of Turin I'd like to sell ya.

Can an atheist, a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim and a Jew go on the road together, on stage together and be an example of how to get along? Probably not, but their failure should be good for some laughs.

Watch for this tour, coming soon to a club near you. We'll be posting dates soon.

Namaste, God Bless, Peace Be With You, Whatever.

John Ross

The Christian
Armed with only an Omni-chord and a microphone, Ross takes the tragic trials of his own life and transforms them into a peculiar, yet genuine presentation,

Although being the first methadone-addicted child born in the great state of California, Ross’ successes reach far beyond the drug-addicted womb of his now late mother.

Before entering the realm of stand-up comedy John embarked on three U.S. tours with two separate musical acts, Anguish Unsaid and Like David. Ross played guitar for both bands, selling over 30,000 units through Santa Cruz based Christian indie record label, Bettie Rocket Records. Anguish Unsaid shared the stage with such bands as Suicidal Tendencies, 7 Seconds, P.O.D., and ZAO, while releasing two full-length albums in 1999 and 2002. Their music was also featured on Fox Sports Net’s Blue Torch program.

After only six-months of doing stand-up comedy, Ross was invited to perform at the world famous Impov in Hollywood, with the Heavy Hitters of Comedy and the Rebels of Comedy. He has since performed at clubs all over the West Coast, opening up for acts such as Norm Macdonald, Nick Swardson and Mike Meehan.

Ross will also be hosting G-ROCK (skate/snow/music) ( later this year.


Tapan Trivedi

The Hindu
Tapan Trivedi grew up in India . When he was 22 he came to America . Besides blondes and redheads he discovered Standup Comedy. Pushed to the stage on the insistance of his friends he went up on stage at the celebrated Houston Laff Stop open mike where he killed his first time on stage.

Addicted to laughter he kept plugging on till he was a Finalist in the Funniest Person in Houston Competition. Since then he has performed with comedians like Dave Attell,Tom Rhodes, Bobby Slayton,Debbie Gutierrez,Jerry Corley,Michael Pace,Ralphie Mae and Lahna Turner.

Constantly on the road winning audiences with his brilliant writing and hillarious observations of life in the USA as an East Indian immigrant , he still finds time for television commercials, radio performances and brief movie performances. He recently wrapped up a movie for the Howard Stern Film Festival.

Sacramento News and Review calls him one of the best comedians in California - period and Jeffrey Callison of NPR says 'This cat made me laugh out loud more than ANY guest ever has!' Tapan has since gained notoriety by his racial observations and his ultra geeky one liners. His catch phrase - 'I can't understand America ' is gaining popularity by the day!

Tapan's own webpage is

Keith Lowell Jensen

The Atheist
Keith Lowell Jensen has toured the U.S. and Canada as an MC for Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation and again as a member of acclaimed sketch comedy troupe I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy.

When not on stage performing comedy KLJ likes to panhandle dressed as a banana (or a mime, mummy, what have you) resulting in the soon to be released documentarty film Why Lie, I Need A Drink.

"Oh Holy Day", a book of short stories authored by KLJ was released in 2006 just in time for Christmas, because everyone needs presents, even filthy rotten atheists. Two new books are in the works. "The Atheist's Survival Guide" and "Truly, Awful, Stuff" (based on his popular website

KLJ was born Catholic. At age 12 he was "born again" and became a passionate Southern California style liberal Christian. At age 16 he let go of faith completely and has identified as an agnostic atheist ever since. He is probably the preachiest atheist you'd ever want to meet.

Links Tapan Trivedi's homesite Keith Lowell Jensen's homesite featuring short stories, panhandling and worse. John Ross' got himself a home site too. It's the cool thing to do man.

More links to come...


Check back. We will start adding dates soon. We hope to launch from Sacramento and bring the show as far as possible, hopefully to your town wherever that may be.

Tissa Hami

The Muslim
Tissa Hami is one of the world’s few female Muslim stand-up comics. Her unique act and fresh perspective on life as an Iranian-American woman leave audiences in shock and awe. From Islamic fundamentalists to white liberals to good old-fashioned racists, no one is safe from Tissa’s sharp wit. Tissa, who performs in Islamic hijab, (and English) hopes her comedy will help break down stereotypes about Muslim women and foster understanding between Iranians and Americans.

Tissa grew up in a traditional Iranian family in a predominantly white suburb of Boston. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in international affairs from Ivy League universities. Her parents are thrilled that she is using her expensive education to pursue a career in comedy.

People who disapprove of her act will be taken hostage.

Video Clips

Short Version

Long Version (more jokes)

Shot during our opening weekend in Sacramento. Come see us live.

Jewish Comic Chad Lehrman on Last Comic Standing, helping the judges make fools of themselves.

Two From atheist Keith Lowell Jensen

Heres One From John Ross, The Christian

John Ross at the Hollywood Improv

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and One From Tapan Trivedi, The Hindu
Indian Comedian Tapan Trivedi

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