Thursday, April 5, 2007

Keith Lowell Jensen

The Atheist
Keith Lowell Jensen has toured the U.S. and Canada as an MC for Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation and again as a member of acclaimed sketch comedy troupe I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy.

When not on stage performing comedy KLJ likes to panhandle dressed as a banana (or a mime, mummy, what have you) resulting in the soon to be released documentarty film Why Lie, I Need A Drink.

"Oh Holy Day", a book of short stories authored by KLJ was released in 2006 just in time for Christmas, because everyone needs presents, even filthy rotten atheists. Two new books are in the works. "The Atheist's Survival Guide" and "Truly, Awful, Stuff" (based on his popular website

KLJ was born Catholic. At age 12 he was "born again" and became a passionate Southern California style liberal Christian. At age 16 he let go of faith completely and has identified as an agnostic atheist ever since. He is probably the preachiest atheist you'd ever want to meet.

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