Friday, May 25, 2007

Dates set for premier show

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The Geery Theatre, Sacramento
2130 L Street
Friday & Saturday,
August 10th and 11th, 8 and 10pm both nights
Tickets on sale now at

Well, it's settled, we will be launching Coexist? Comedy in Sacramento, CA with four shows over two nights at the lovely Geery Theatre, famous for it's intelligent, edgy comedy nights.

I'm really thinking now about what it will be like to get on the road with these guys and I think it's reality TV material. I can just see it now; the van breaks down. Four comics drop to their knees and start praying. I pull out the AAA card, I make the call, I take care of business. And when we're back on the road again, they all say "Thank God."
This is going to be be fun.


Julia Bernstein said...

Hello, I saw the show last night and it was very enjoyable and funny! I do have to say, however, that from a Christian view I think people are missing the point to the movie "Passion of the Christ". The movie was brought up a couple of times and, in a very funny statement, one of the comedians asked why the whole movie focuses on the death, and not his life. But that is the whole thing - his death WAS/IS his life! His greatest miracle was his ressurection, that is the most IMPORTANT part! If he did not raise from the dead, therefore freeing mankind of their sins, then all of his other works and miracles were nothing more than some phenomenon. The greatest and most important point of Christs' life was when he died....and rose again!

KLJ said...

I think the important part of his life was when he said cool stuff like correcting Moses' eye for an eye rule with the turn the other cheek business. That's the powerful part of his story, even if it's less exciting than all that blood and guts stuff.

Chad said...

Hi Julia,

Aren't you the girl who talked to me after the show, wanting to know if you are Jewish (since your Dad is Jewish)? If so, after reading your comment, I have to say no, you are definitely not Jewish. :)

Thanks for the comment!


KLJ said...

Can I be Jewish Chad? Please! Please can I be Jewish? Mostly because I love the hair styles.

Tissa said...

I thought Bernstein was a Hindu last name?