Friday, August 10, 2007

Always a Train Wreck

It was great being on Good Day Sacramento. No complaints here, I loved it, I want to go back.
I do have to learn though, that no matter how many times you say "We're not going to do our act on the show." and no matter how many times they say, "That's great, we're just going to interview you." we'd better be ready for "Okay, and now we're going to see some of this comedy, take it away gang..."
We dealt with it okay, but my god (yes I see the irony in my using that expression, move on) three minutes is a LONG time when you're trying to solve the middle east crisis. I mean, we had it solved in like 45 seconds. I don't know what the big deal is.
I did use the word "brown people" on camera and I said that even though we all had different beliefs we shared a distrust of Mormons. Both of these made John Ross, our Christian, cringe. Hopefully it generates some letters to the station. :)
Thanks to all who watched us make fools of ourselves at some ungodly (there it is again) hour of morning.


Rob Cockerham said...

The guy who sits in the cube next to me caught you on the show. He said it was great, and that you managed to surprise (if not shock) the hosts. Nice work! However, he said your name (the atheist) was "Hank" Sorry.

KLJ said...

Ha ha. Hank will do. I can be Hank. Way less pretentious than Keith Lowell Jensen.