Thursday, November 1, 2007

Street Team Action

Everyone has a street team these days. What is a street team? A street team is usually made up non-paid fan types who want to feel like their a part of whatever cool entity they're a fan of. So, they work for free distributing fliers and posters all over town and in exchange they get into the show free and maybe they get a t-shirt.

I thought it was cool when a few independent bands would encourage their fans to do this kind of street promotion, real DIY type stuff. But, like most good things, the corporate fat cats got a hold of it and hung it and now it's become a stupid parody of what it once was. Metalica doesn't need a street team. They've got billions. I'll pass out their fliers when they pass me some of that moo-lah (or when they make another album that's worth a damn.)

Even major studio films have street teams these days. It must be on their list:
  1. Make myspace page
  2. Hire "indy" seeming blogger
  3. recruit street team.
  4. do a few laps in swimming pool full of hundred dollar bills


So, wanna be on our street team?

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