Friday, November 30, 2007

Wanted For Murder

Or at least we should be, because last night we KILLED. It was a packed house, if not a sell out then damn near at least. The audience was most enthusiastic and all the comics turned in a top shelf set. This very much ruled. Can't wait to do it again.

The odd thing is, I wasn't all that nervous before the show, and I'm usually a very nervous guy even for small shows. I have more confidence in this than in just about anything thing I've been involved it and that confidence has proven to be well founded.

Big thanks to everyone who came to see us. Especially my mom, who was the subject of quite a # of jokes.


Sally said...

Just wondering, who directed jokes at mom? The Christian? You? Both?

KLJ said...

I did some jokes about my mom and I and how we deal with our religious differences. All in good fun. I love my mom and would never speak ill of her or disrespect her in any way. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to make that clear.
Are you my long lost sister?

Sally said...

No, i dont think so! I'm just a mom who likes respectful children. And good comedy. Hope to catch your show if you come to San diego!

Tyrone White said...

I loved your show. We walked into the club to see a 'regular' show and we took a chance. We are glad we did. This was much better than the headliner oriented shows that we see there from time to time. Thanks for bringing some great comics and a unique perspective.
And tell the Muslim girl to inform the ambassador that we love kabobs but only chicken ones.

Ty White

Tissa said...

Thanks Tyrone! I'm glad you had fun at the show. Btw the ambassador is busy converting chicken kabobs into nuclear energy.