Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Watch us on TV tomorrow

Sometime after 7:30 am we'll be on MY58 in the Sacramento area. I'll do my best to get a clip of the interview up soon after.

Update 11/29/07, 4:23pm:
John, Tapan and I went down to KCRA/My58 today and were interviewed. It was quite cold out, at least by California standards, and yet they decided that it was a good idea to do the interview outdoors. Ah well, it gave me a good excuse to wear my rainbow scarf.

I think the interview went very well and they didn't just abandon us with an "Okay, now fill three minutes." like some other stations I could mention.

Tonight we rock the Punch Line. This is our biggest gig so far, but I say its just the beginning. Onward and upward. WOO HOO!

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