Sunday, December 16, 2007

The SF Atheists Solstice Party

From far left, audience member Gene Simmons (aka Dave Kong of The SF Atheists) Keith, Chad, Sammy Obeid (special guest Buddhist,) Tissa Hami, John Ross, Tapan Trivedi and the old man who is always revealed beneath the rubber mask at the end of Scooby Doo.

Great Show, nice people, hilariously bad sound system (that little box in front of us there, that's it!!) The SF Atheists were a fun and lively bunch, as evidenced by them coming on this blog and commenting before I even had a chance to get this post up (see last post's comments.)

We had a Buddhist with us, Sammy Obeid. He turned in a great set. I hope we get to work with him again. Thanks again SF Atheists.


zhadi said...

I'm the first comment! Whoo hoo!

Anyway, I was at the show and you guys were great. this is the second time I've seen your set (the Buddhist and Hindu excluded 'cause they weren't there the first time!) and I enjoyed it just as much second time around, even with the crappy sound system. Awesome job!

David Fitzgerald said...

This was the second time some of us from the hellbound community had seen the C?CT (Well, nearly all of of them anyway), and I thought they were just as hilarious the second time around (very hilarious). Buddhist Sammy Obaid was a great addition to the lineup too. Best of luck to the troupe!
-Dave Fitzgerald

Tissa said...

Wow, you atheists are an obedient lot. Keith commands you to post positive comments on our blog, and you obey his directive. I'm beginning to think that he's your God. Or at least your David Koresh.

Hee hee, in reality, you were a very hip, open, sharp, and accepting crowd. That's every comic's dream audience.

PS - When's your next conversion class?

FreeThinker said...

Still no Mormon, eh? Sammy the Buddhist held his own with the other "major" faiths. Thanks for performing for our "non-prophet" group. If I may compile my own version of the show's "Greatest Hits:"

Chad's ad-libbing at the beginning of his set. "A Jew cornered in half a swastika at a German restaurant!"

Sammy ackowledging his youth yet still connecting to the much-older-on-average crowd.

John showing his tattoo, stunning everybody. No one knew whether to moan ewww or ahhh!

Tissa's anecdotes about living as a Muslim in America (which had the ex-Muslims in attendance wide-eyed and totally relating).

Tapan's powerfully aggressive and a bit intimidating performance. And his is the most peaceful of faiths?

Keith being at "home" for once, relaxed among philosophical soulmates. No one else would get his Richard Dawkins joke!

May you all continue to coexist in 2008 and beyond!

Dave said...

Hey CoExist,
I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your show. Thanks for bringing it to us. We really dug the last guy. Loved the way he talked to people and related to us - even though he was our 'opposite' . We loved Tissa and the Buddhist kid too. Let us know when we can catch you again !

Dave Coulier

Tissa said...

OMG Uncle Joey from Full House loves us!!

Adrienne said...

What a great show, despite our lackluster (okay, down right crappy!) sound system. Thanks for showing us that laughter really is the best medicine, and that people of all faiths, or no faith, can get together and laugh about it all.

I applaud you all on the concept and wish you continued success in this wonderful endeavor. Speaking for myself, and I'm sure for others, we'd all love to see future versions of the show. Keep up the good work!

Tapan Trivedi said...

Hey Can someone ask Uncle Joey if he can introduce me to Rebecca Romjin ? I hear she is free of the Stamos moniker and she is on the exceptions list with Halle Berry, Andie McDowell and Ned Beatty. STOP JUDGING ME !


the Bhuddist kid said...

wait, was that really THE dave coulier? or did i just kill the joy we were finding in pretending it was him, my bad...

the Buddhist kid said...

i spelled my own religion incorrectly, my bad...hence my recognition as the "kid"

Scott said...

Kudos on what sounds like a gut-busting appearance at the SF Atheists Winter Solstice party. I could not attend, but wish I could have. This sounds like just the kind of humor we freethinkers can deeply understand. I hope you can appear for SFA again or even at the American Atheists annual national convention!

P.S. Check out a bunch of atheist jokes here.

Linda said...

Room for one more comment?

We loved your performance! So often, when there is an ecumenical "gathering of the faiths," nonbelievers are completely ignored. On the one hand, we are not a "faith" but on the other hand we are a significant portion of society. Thanks for acknowledging Atheism, and showing it has funny foibles just like the faiths do!

KLJ said...

Oh yes, room for as many more comments as you fine folks want to give. Wow! I ask you to visit the site and you do. Mind you I make that request at every show. You guys are either really cool or you have lots of free time.
If it's the later; teach me!

Linda said...

We loved your show. We were seated near the entrance but could hear you well. We did not have a problem with the sound at all. We had a good time . We loved everyone in the show. May we all coexist without all the fighting in this world.

Peace and love,

KLJ said...

Thanks Linda.
Hey I just thought of something I should've put in the post. One of the parties attendee's was a minister (presbyterian?) so there was religious diversity on both sides of the microphone. :)

And I'm glad you were able to hear us. That's great.