Thursday, September 27, 2007

Come See Us In LA!

This weekend, Westside Eclectic. Click Here!
Read about the show in The Jewish Journal.
Or at Bit Torrent.

Sacramento News & Review Best Of...

Congratulations Tapan!

Best Hindu humorist
Tapan Trivedi

For a man who never saw an observational stand-up comic until he moved to America at age 22, Indian comedian Tapan Trivedi has picked up the art with remarkable speed. Trivedi hasn’t met an issue that's too taboo to joke about, whether it’s his frustration at being mistaken for a Muslim on his birthday (which happens to be September 11), his cultural associations with 7-Eleven convenience stores, or finding pride in the appellation "sand nigger." His fearless style and unique voice won him second place in this year’s San Jose Improv Comedy Competition and a coveted spot in the upcoming San Francisco Comedy Competition. Currently headlining as "the Hindu" on the Coexist? Comedy Tour he co-founded with atheist comedian Keith Lowell Jensen, Trivedi will travel the country under the guidance of infinite deities—and Google Maps., B.C.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Killin' 'em in SF

We had a great show last night. The SF Comedy College is a fun venue. Tapan got stranded somewhere so we had to go on without him. Luckily two Muslim comics, Hasan Minhaj and Ali Mafi were on hand and agreed to step in. So, now you know the exchange rate; one Hindu comic = two Muslim comics, though that may change, the world markets are so unpredictable right now.
Hasan is an Indian Muslim, and every woman (and several of the men) in attendance fell quickly in love with him.
Ali Mafi is a gay Muslim comic. Let me say that again, GAY MUSLIM COMIC! So yeah, it was a MOST unusual night of comedy. We had an awesome time. Both of our pinch hitters were top notch. And the Coexist Comics had amazing sets yet again.

Thanks drunk guys from Nebraska, Catholic grandmother and SF Atheists for coming out and supporting and even being a part of the show. I'll try to get video up soon.