Sunday, May 4, 2008

Harbin Hot Springs Hilarity

We had a GREAT time at Harbin Hot Springs. We performed in their temple, usually off limits to comedians but we qualified for an exception given the religious nature of our tour (very funny for me as an atheist.) Unfortunately Tissa wasn't able to join us as she hadn't made it back from her appearance "The View" on Thursday. I explained to the audience what The View was since a-lot of them do not watch TV at all. I explained what TV was too.

We got there early, had dinner and did an awesome show in the temple. We performed in our socks and the audience were seated on pillows, in fact of half the audience was lying down. Pretty unusual setting for stand up.

Afterwards I indulged in the amazing hot bath (pictured) followed by the uber cold bath and back to the hot, repeated several times. At first, I really didn't think I could get in the hot bath. It was so hot on my feet but once I'd gone back and forth a few times I got to really enjoy it.
I enjoyed Harbin over all. Beautiful place, wonderful people and I hope we get to perform there again soon. Oh, and the dinner and breakfast we had were delicious.

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