Monday, June 23, 2008

Goodbye to the granddaddy of atheist comics

Goodbye George Carlin.
I'm only sad because I'll miss seeing his HBO specials and because I wanted to shake his hand one day, but I'm glad for him and the amazing life he got to live. He enjoyed more longevity in his career than any comic I can think of. He became a household name and didn't get killed despite saying what everyone else was afraid to say, and I'm sure that his hero, Mr. Lenny Bruce would have been very proud to have had George carrying on that torch. Gorge Carlin will not be soon forgotten.


Makarios said...

The amazing life he lived? Are you kidding me? He was a drug addict, and an abusive husband who screwed around on his wives. The only job he could hold was working for himself. He had no-shows and missed concerts because he was too stoned to go on stage and you longed to shake his hand? He was intolerant, bigoted, and rude to those who served him.

Sure he was funny but if you'd ever grown up in a home with an addict for a father you would know that Carlin was far, far, very far from being an amazing individual with an amazing life.

KLJ said...

I figured it was a given that I was writing about a comedian.
I have very little knowledge about or interest in what he did off stage. I do not watch Entertainment Tonight nor do I read tabloids so I'm afraid I missed this aspect of his life but thank for, um, enlightening me.

Tissa said...

Somebody reads this blog?

Anonymous said...

speaking of blogs and comedians, anybody trying to get in shape lately?

Tissa said...

Dude, three words: Best. Joke. Ever.