Monday, August 25, 2008

Benefit Show

We did a benefit show this weekend, well some of us did. Tapan wasn't there. He was at The Playboy Mansion. Yeah, I'm sure he was really jealous of us getting to play a nice wholesome family event while he had to suffer with the bunnies. Poor guy. I feel for him, really.

Mikhail stood in as our special guest Jew for the day. He is one funny Russian.

It is pretty interesting playing outdoors with dogs and kids running around. A little different than doing a nightclub. John Ross was heckled by a ruthless heckler. She was he worst kind; the kind that is funnier than the person on stage. And the fact that she was his five year old daughter, well that was the killer.

And then there was the awesome two year old bulldog who decided to roll over on his back and roll back and forth in irresistible display of cuteness. How does one compete with cute dogs and cuter kids? But we did our best and I'd say a good time was hall all round.

Chris Anaya of An Angle performed after us. It was really cool getting to see an acoustic solo set from Chris. The opening act, Matinee Idols were great as well.

Thanks to City Life Church for putting the event on. I hope lots of money was raised for The Birthing Project.

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