Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Blackest show I have ever done

Yesterday I did the Comedy on the Greene with Mark Curry and about 40 of the best African American comedians in the Bay Area and beyond. The audience of about 2000 was gathered at Oaklands Arroyo Viejo park from 2:00 to 6:00 for what was to be one of the funnest shows I have ever done. Mark Curry who is a pheonomenal performer himself set the stage and then began the cavalcade of comedians who went up to the stage - most of them doing really well . Kirk McHenry, Del Van Dyke, Tony Roberts etc etc etc. Too many to remember. Luenell , Dennis Gaxiola, Speedy,Suli McCollough all did awesome. I went up 3rd in the second hour of the four hours pre planned. I followed an America's Top Model and an actor from Tyler Perry's House of Pain . Mark had a couple of girls up on stage doing a cat walk. Then he announces me. I , have always had a fear of going in front of black crowds which has been lessening over the years.I am not as loose as I usually am but I have my set down and I am ready to rock and I am feeling the energy. I go into my set and the crowd is just as enthusiastic about my performance as anyone elses. They are into it. About 4 minutes into my set I get a little heckle from 5 teenagers in the front who wanted me to break dance. I told them my culture didn't permit it and went on. I did the blacks vs. Indians thing to end and it generated the applause break it always does. I ended the set and Mark Curry ran up and asked me to stay on and told me I had a GREAT set and asked for another applause break from the crowd. AWESOME. Upon coming down from the stage I was approached by Jamiee Foxx's manager who asked me for my card !!! YEAH ! I got down and Dennis and Del told me I had a great set and 'Why didn't you breakdance when those kids asked you to ?'. I said I had no music. They clued me in to what is perhaps the biggest lesson I have learnt in performing at black crowds - the DJ is always attentive. Had I asked for music he would have been ready to give it to me. DJs at black shows are the right hand to the show runners . I will keep that in mind .This was a personal benchmark for me as I have always said that comedy dosen't come in any colors and now I fully believe it.Thank you Dennis Gaxiola and thank you Mark Curry for everything.Tapan Trivedi

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