Monday, August 18, 2008

Dana Eagle

I had the pleasure of seeing Arj Barker this weekend. Our own Tapan Trivedi was on the roster as well as was the very funny Dana Eagle.
Dana, seeing we didn't have a Jew in our current line-up decided to draw herself in. See the results at left.
And check out Dana's myspace here.

After the show I was passing out fliers and Dana was selling thongs (she has funny thongs for sale, check it) and she asked one lady if she was wearing underwear. The lady says, "No, never do." and with that she flipped up her skirt and revealed that she weren't lying!!! Her boyfriend giggled and said, "She does that everywhere we go."
Dana hasn't drawn us a picture of that yet.


Scott said...

Hey, whatever happened to the Jew?

KLJ said...

Which Jew? Its a pretty open ended question...

But seriously, the Jewish comedian who was originally with us is doing a couple of great shows in SF, including one at The (legendary) Purple Onion. His replacement is Buddhist comedian Sammy Obeid.
I think you can count on seeing more Jewish comedians doing time with us in the future. :)

KLJ said...

Oh, and said Jewish comic is named Chad Lehrman. Go see him. He is very funny.