Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Two Scoops

Thanks Mark. This audience member at a non-Coexist show that Tapan and I did last night at Garbeau's shouted out "Two Scoops" when I was doing my white raisins joke. If you don't know the white raisin joke you need to come to the show. :)

This triggered Tapan and I to write tags all the way home. Mark, you rule. I've done that joke a hundred times and it never occurred to me that Kellogg's was offering a better deal than one of the world's major religions. Let me put it here, in writing, if we get famous and I use your tag in our network TV special, I'm buying you a coffee (and a bowl of raisin bran.)

1 comment:

Tissa said...

Oh that is a good tag. Hooray for hecklers!