Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Best Of" Sacramento News and Review

The Coexist? Comedy Tour

An atheist, a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu and a Buddhist walk into ... oh c'mon, how did you expect us to introduce these guys? Give us a break. The five aforementioned zealots, better known as Keith Lowell Jensen, John Ross, Tissa Hami, Tapan Trivedi and Sammy Obeid, make up the Coexist? Comedy troupe, a group of comedians benefiting from the no-P.C.-equals-new-P.C. trend, devoted to uniting others by poking fun at our differences. Genius, right? Yeah, we thought so, too. The Coexist? Crew has toured the state, including multiple sold-out shows and earned themselves rave reviews by turning troubled waters into fine comedy wine. Don't miss their next local gig at the Crest Theatre, a couple of weeks before Christmas--if you're into that sort of thing. K.B."

Cool. Thanks News and Review. And congratulations also to The Crest which got Readers Choice for Best Movie Theatre. I guess we're two great tastes that are going to taste great together.