Wednesday, September 3, 2008

See me on the BBC World News

Co-existers of the world unite! This Saturday, September 6th, the documentary that I'm in called "Stand Up: Muslim American Comics Come of Age" will air around the world via the BBC World News service. Details here:

It's kind of funny how I found out about this airing. My friend Lara, who is in Tanzania doing refugee relief work, suddenly IM'ed me and said, "omg omg i just saw you on TV here!" Way to go, Lara! But maybe you should be watching less satellite TV and tending more to the refugees. I'm just sayin'.


KLJ said...

Damn Tissa, that is awesome. I'm stoked when a friend in Stockton sees me on Cable or reads about me on some blog. Tanzania! That is just too wild.

That tugging sensation you feel, that is me trying to get a firm grip on your coat tail ya big rock star you.

I am very proud of you and proud to be working with you.

Anonymous said...

way to use "tugging" and "firm" and "grip" in the same sentence

KLJ said...

What, no credit for tail, big and sensation?

Anonymous said...

i can't beleive you replied to that reply a mere 19 minutes after...the difference between the 3 words that i picked out and 3 that you did, are that mine actually describe your lifestyle.

KLJ said...

My lifestyle doesn't include my imaginings then? Damn.

(even faster reply this time)