Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shoud I convert to Christianity?

Hi kids! Please read my recent blog entry on Iranian.com:

It's a childhood story about how my Girl Scout troop leader tried to convert me to Christianity. Sorry John, but she didn't win. But she came awfully close. :) Read the story to find out how and why.


KLJ said...

Great stuff Tissa. I'm glad you posted the link.
O'Abedinejad had me roaring.

Man, you should have seen the church I went to. Singing, yelling, running the walls, speaking in tongues. It was AWESOME! Less dessert though. :(

Tissa said...

No wonder you're an atheist. After all that hooting and hollering, they could at least give you some pie.

Thanks for reading my story!

Tissa said...

Maybe I "shoud" learn to spell "should" correctly.

Remind me how many Ivy League degrees I have?