Monday, September 15, 2008

Sorry Mr.Darwin ! I feel better now.

From Tapan:
So the Church of England will make an official apology to naturalist Charles Darwin for criticising his famous theory of evolution. This brings about TWO very interesting points.

1) What good is an apology about 125 years after his death ?

2) If Darwin was called a naturalist - did he wear clothes while conducting his experiments ? This puts a whole new spin on the evolution chart . No wonder EVERYONE on the evolution chart is naked. Darwin couldn't concieve it any other way. He was, as put very wisely by the Church - a naturalist.

Jokes aside , the Church of England has now issued apologies to Galileo and even allowed a Bishops wife to be painted in a portrait. The picture is presented here for your benefit so that you can see for yourself how important the Bishop's wife is. About as important as Q at a Bond girl's reunion .(Yes, I drew an English simile from my similewell for this.)

This is , still a far cry from the Islamic world that there is no picture of either Mohammed or any of the other Prophets. I can understand that there should be no cartoons but no pictures. Ok. So you guys don't believe in idol worship so how come Iraqi idol is so popular ?
Lastly , it has just come to my attention that the mega famous rapper AKON - (Smack That Ass all over the floor ) is a muslim. Not a converted Nation of Islam muslim but a muslim born and brought up in Senegal. Wow - Smack that ass all over the dirt floor !
More later.

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