Saturday, October 18, 2008

God wins first lawsuit !

God Wins In Nebraska Court

Morning Edition, October 16, 2008 · Nebraska state Sen. Ernie Chambers sought an injunction against God last year for widespread death and destruction. Judge Marlon Polk threw out the suit, saying there's no way to properly notify the defendant. You can't serve papers on a suspect with no address. Chambers says he may appeal. He says God is aware of the charges because he is all-knowing.

This brings up a couple of interesting points.

1) They let God go because they couldn't serve her papers ? How about recruiting the Pope to be a server ? He already has all the disguises he needs.
2) Does Mr.Chambers have to fear an 'acts of God' towards him ? This would , atleast , solve the problem of whether or not the God he believes in is a vengeful one or not.

The most important words in 2) above were the words 'acts of God'. It is the power of language of fine print that the insurance companies have levied upon us that we associate a NEGATIVE feeling with the words 'acts of God'. Why ? Everytime a tree gives a fruit its an act of God. Everytime anyone gets a good blowjob its an act of God .(If it is really good then you WILL remember God !). Everytime a puppy takes a tumble after a sneeze , its an act of God.

The Atheist argument that loss of faith is warranted because of all the death and destruction in the name of God. Here is the fallacy in the same . It is a human choice to do the things in the name of God. They could do it in the name of anything. Stalin killed about 20 million in the gulags in the name of 'progress'. I don't see any atheists saying being progressive is bad.

The advent of organized religion is at the most 8000 years back. Before then everyone was spiritual. There were still a LOT of killings that went on in those days. Heck , mankind came down to about 300 people once due to all the killings that went on. If they didn't believe in any Gods then atheism should take responsibility for almost destroying mankind - I don't think relegion has done that - yet !

We are working on a guide to the holidays from all religions. Keep an eye out for the same !

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Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Atheist don't have an issue with God over the things done in his name. How could we? We don't believe in God.
We have a problem with Religion when horrible things are done by it's practitioners and devotees, as you've said.

Theists LOVE to talk about Stalin. One of only a handful of mass murderers who didn't use religion to motivate. Why are these fellas the exception rather than the rule?

I will agree though that religion is not the cause of all of our violence, but it does make peace harder to achieve and war easier to perpetuate. But the fact is, people would find something else to be divisive about. Anyone who has been to a professional sporting event can see this.

Act of God always used in negative connotation, even by believers, that is a very astute and amusing observation. But really, a puppy taking a tumble is usually an act of Keith. It's true, I trip puppies.