Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Next Virgin Birth

The National Geographic today reported that a female blacktip shark was pregnant without the aid of a male shark.

Two very important conclusions - this goes on to show that even in the animal kingdom - sharkdom - the importance of males have gone down. In humans you know that males are purely accessories with the advent of sperm banks , Jiffy Lube and reasonably priced jar opening devices.

The other conclusion is that the VIRGIN BIRTH i.e. the Immaculate Conception that is one of the miracles of Christianity might actually be the sign of evolution. I don't know but I am proposing a theory that while the holy mother Mary was a young girl the men in her town were all horrendously ugly and thus she actually started the process of parthenogenesis in her body. Later came the marriage to Joseph who she found a OK. And then the virgin birth actually took place.

This actually might be the closest that creationism and evolution will come together. Next to Hanuman that is.

Tapan Trivedi

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