Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Six More Show in 2008

We head up to Seattle and Portland in the first week of November. Then we have The Throckmorton in Mill Valley and The Crest Theater in Sacramento before heading back to LA for The Improv. We close the season with our second annual appearance at The SF Atheist's Winter Solstice Party.
Then in the new year, some well deserved and much needed rest as Tapan heads to India for a spell (a spell as in a short time, not literally a spell, not as far as I know anyway.)
Information on all of our shows HERE.

Can you help? Of course. We aren't a big budget, motor home having, entourage and hanger on sporting tour. We can use your help getting the word out. IF you've seen the tour, or if you're just excited about what we're doing, PLEASE, post to your blogs, send out e-vites, organize friends to come out and I promise, we'll do our part and bring the funny.
See you at the shows.


freethoughtguy said...

Hey, we loved you so much last time, we are elated to have you back at the SF Atheists' Winter Solstice Party this year! We're spreadin' the word! We're ... we're ... evangelizing!

KLJ said...

Right on. We're excited to be heading back your way. SF Atheists, you're a great bunch.