Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some pics from Seattle and Oregon

Here I am posing with one of the other guests at the Portland Hawthorn Hostel. I'm asking for fashion advice.
The Hostel was really cool but unfortunately they only had three beds open so I stayed at my friends Bob and Irina's place. Thanks guys.

Here Sammy and Tissa provide an answer to anyone who wants to know what love looks like.
This is actually at The Bagdad Theater where we played in Portland. There is a restaurant attached with lightbulbs that threaten to burn Tissa's arm as she eats.

Here we have our happy Hindu Tapan hanging out with comics Andy Peters and Billy Wayne Davis. What they're so happy about is that they succeeded in getting our sweet, innocent Christian drunk.

This of course is said Christian, quite drunk. John is a funny drunk.
When I look at pictures like this though, it really surprises me that I'M the one who listens to The Smiths.

Click here to see more, including some rather revealing (read- indecent) pics of Buddhist Sammy Obeid.
It worries me that he and John were taking cheese cake pictures at my cousin's house in Seattle while her lovely children were just one floor up (they kept us in the basement.)

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