Monday, December 8, 2008

Coexist? Comedy on NPR

It was a busy day. I was tired as I had a show in Santa Cruz last night and didn't get into my bed until 2am only to be up 4 hours later. I hope I didn't look tired though, as I eventually made my way over to the Channel 10 studios for an appearance along side Tissa on Sacramento and Company, a morning show.

The guest before us was Adam Shepard, a young author who wanted to see what he could do starting with nothing but a sleeping bag, the clothes on his back and $25. He seemed like a pretty cool kid and the book sounded interesting.

Tissa and I went on and did a brief appearance with clips from our show included.

That afternoon I met up with John and Tapan to appear on Insight with Jeffrey Calison, a show on our local NPR station, KXJZ. I laughed when I saw the guest who would go on before us, book author Adam Shepard. Again he discussed his book, Scratch Beginings and while he and I differ politicaly in many way, me being a lunatic fringe liberal and all, he really impressed me. Here was a kid who took all the theorizing and intellectualizing and went out to really experience a life different from his own. Good job Adam. I bought his book and went to his reading tonight.

So, our PR is coming along nicely and I hope we cross paths with Adam again in our travels.

You can listen to Adam, The Coexist? Comedy Tour and more on Insight here:\

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