Friday, December 19, 2008

Los Angeles is AWESOME !

First off here is the article from the L.A. Times. Thanks to Alicia Lozano of LA Times for taking the time to talk about what we are doing.,0,6919350.story
Now for the show itself.
We were almost hindered by an act of God from being there - Atheist

We made it there despite a HUGE act of God from being there - Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist.

It snowed over the grapevine and it was impossible to get to Los Angeles the normal route. So all the members except the New Jew had to drive for about 12 hours leading to the second car with the Hindu, Muslim and the Buddhist reaching the Hollywood Improv about 4 minutes before showtime . AND WE GAVE AN AWESOME SHOW !

There were people there who really enjoyed the show and let us know about it. There were students from UC San Diego and UCLA who want us to do their school - which is AWESOME ! Hit us soon school students before you graduate or we get so busy that you can't get us anymore .

Thanks LA for such a great time !


Anonymous said...

I loved the show and I LOVE F.P.!

D. said...

How was San Francisco?

KLJ said...

SF was great.
See latest blog post. :)