Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The Hindu writes finally.

The world watched with interest for 60 hours as major TV networks broadcast the terror that unfolded in Mumbai as 10 Pakistani trained terrorists unleashed a hail of terror on Mumbai - which is not just the financial capital of India but the quintessential crockpot that defines a major metro in India. The writer's mom grew up in Mumbai (then Bombay) and his sister and two aunts still live there.

There are several things that come out of the incidents .

1) The Taj and the Oberoi hotels . The terrorists came prepared and asked the residents of their passports and whether or not they were from the U.S. or Britain .
It took a siege and the best trained Indian commandos about 60 hours to finally finish them.

2) The Nariman House and the Jewish Meditation center where they mercilessly killed about 5 people - mostly because they were Jewish. Once again the commandos had to intervene to take hold of the situation.

3) The Chatrapati Shivaji Railway Terminus - where they killed about 83 innocent civilians. The most interesting part about this situation is that this is where one of the terrorist was captured alive and the MOB captured him. Civilians. Not the police, not the commandos , not uniformed authorities of any kind - just a mob of angry mofos who just couldn't take it anymore.

That is quintessential India. When the authorities fail us - as they consistently have - we take charge and make it better. And I say what I have said many many times before 'Salaam India !'.


KLJ said...

I was so saddened listening to this unfold.

And then relieved to hear from our dear friend Becca who just left Mumbai. She is safe and sound.

I hope that all parties involved in dealing with aftermath of this can move cautiously for the best possible outcome. I feel tense as I wait to see what will happen next.

Tissa said...

The world has lost its damn mind. Hugs people, HUGS.

Dawn said...

Another faith-based act.

KLJ said...

As the atheist in the troupe let me say that it is a rude and didactic reply to a Hindu talking about a recent, horrifying happening in his home country.
This is not an opportunity for us to jab at his or anyone else's faith but rather to share in his concern and sadness.
In other words, you should've waited another week.

Dawn said...

Keith, you are right. I am sorry. It is too soon, like if I made the same comment on 9/12/01. No insensitivity intended to the Hindu or anyone else.

Coexist Comedy said...

The Hindu dosen't feel sad at all. At these times the reaction of faith is important. Look at all the prayer vigil pictures from Mumbai. The Hindus are responding appropriately. The realy ugliness will rear its head at a later date at some or other Hindu Muslim riots . Then the originators of both the faiths would be saddened.


KLJ said...

You are awesome.
Thank you so much for your reply. I was a bit snippy but you responded with grace.
You are a class act.