Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gaza protest

I went to the Gaza protest in San Francisco yesterday, and guess who I saw? The Gene Simmons atheist guy! I was like, wait, it's him, it's the Gene Simmons atheist guy. I wanted to get his attention but I realized I didn't know his real name. So I yelled out, "Hey, Gene Simmons atheist guy!" And it turns out he doesn't respond to that name. Who knew?

Things I learned yesterday:

1. Israel is a brutal terrorist state.
2. Learn people's real names.


KLJ said...

Gene Simmons Atheist= Dave Kong. He's cool.
I'm against war. Don't like it. I do agree that Israels response is excessive.
At the same time, I didn't see the international community making such a big fuss when the cease fire was repeatedly violated by increasingly sophisticated missiles being lobbed into Israeli cities. Imagine how we'd freak out if Mexico decided to lob on on over into SD!!! Shit, we beat up Iraq for a couple of planes into a couple of buildings and they weren't even involved!
I think that Hamas wanted a strong response so they could benefit from the backlash as Hezbollah did after the recent fighting in Lebanon. I don't think they imagined this big of a response.
It's a complicated situation and I have sympathies with both sides. I was thrilled when Abbas was elected and then I was heartbroken when Hamas were elected. It will take someone smarter than me to figure out where this all ends...

Tissa said...

Is SD San Diego or South Dakota? As far as I'm concerned, the Mexicans can have it either way. Especially if it was theirs to begin with, but then some foreign powers guilty over their treatment of Americans in a world war that had nothing to do with Mexico decided to kick out the Mexicans and hand over their land to the Americans. Not that I have an opinion on this.

KLJ said...

Ha ha, I knew you'd give SD up to the Mexicans. Don't worry, I'm sure they'd still let us play there.

You abbreviated history of Israel is a bit one sided. The Jewish people have historical ties to the area and have always been there. Many Arabs welcomed their fellow Semites to the area in the century preceding WWII and they got along quite well.

Then the Jews in the area, who were at that point were many, declared that they'd like to be an independent Jewish state. They knew they'd have ally support.

I'm not saying it's right or fair but it is a bit different then us just reaching down, brushing Arabs out of the way and planting the Jews there. "HERE, A Homeland! Have fun!"

Many nations have a similar history. The US certainly does.

Palestine and Israel are at a point now where there is no realistic choice for either but to accept and work toward a two state system. I don't care for politicians on either side who don't work toward this. Israels current warmaking is not working toward this, but I refuse to let it soften my critique of Hamas and they must bear some of the responsibility.

Even if you want to believe that Israel is absolute evil, you have to wonder about the idiots who sit and poke the beast that is threatening to eat them. Again let me say that Mahmoud Abbas is an example of the kind of leader I like to see in this conflict.

Tissa said...

This is complicated. Let's just hand that land over to Iceland.

KLJ said...

Are you kidding. With global warming Iceland is poised to become a tropical paradise. They don't want that desert battleground.

Anonymous said...

I have an opinion on two are both fa**its.