Thursday, January 8, 2009

Would You Rather Be Hilariously Funny or Drop-Dead Gorgeous?

So I was reading my Glamour magazine -- as I'm sure all you guys do every month -- when I came across an article with the following title: Would You Rather Be Hilariously Funny or Drop-Dead Gorgeous?

My first impulse was, DUH, are they really asking this? Isn't the answer obvious? My answer -- with apologies to feminists and fellow stand-up comics everywhere -- is DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS of course.

There, I said it. Ahem.

Does this make me a traitor to my profession? To my gender? To my Brown degree? Who knows. Who cares. The simple (sad?) truth is, I'd take gorgeous over funny any day.

I figured other women would feel exactly and I mean EXACTLY the same way. So I started reading the comments below the article and, shockingly, most everyone picked haha's over looks. What?!

As a professional stand-up comic -- and I'll go out on a limb here and say as someone who's more "hilariously funny" than "drop-dead gorgeous" -- let me tell you that being funny ain't all that. But looks? Damn. That's your meal ticket right there.

Okay I'm off to read some Naomi Wolf....

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KLJ said...

Its a shame not everyone can be both like I am. I gotta tell you, it is a blast! WOO HOO!