Sunday, May 17, 2009

Coexist? Comedy Tour Youtube Contest

Hi! Want to win $100, get 4 VIP tickets to see The Coexist? Comedy Tour and earn the LOVE and ADORATION of all? Of course you do. So, enter the Coexist? Comedy Tour Video Contest.
You can down load audio directly from the youtube clip, if you know how to do that, or get it here in .wav and mp3 formats:

Then you can find lots of pictures of us. Start with the ones here:
You'll see our big logo and beneath it our headshots. Click the images for larger versions.
And, if you need more google Coexist Comedy and/or our individual names in google images. You'll get LOTS of stuff. Heck you can find lots of video of us online too.

Or, get out the crayons, or spray paint or colored pencils and puppets!

Have your video up by May 22nd. Every entry (that isn't super lazy, or insulting, etc.) wins one free ticket to The Coexist? Comedy Tour.

Here is the script if you want to redo the audio yourself:
The Coexist Comedy Tour story starts with Tapan Trivedi, an Indian.. No, the kind from India.
Just think of that kid from Slum Dog Millionare only Tapan had a home, and parents, but he grew up around real live monkeys and that is way cool.
So he leaves India to study business or technology or something boring like that and he chooses to do so in America because he loves Bruce Springsteen, no really.
Once here he discovers Stand Up Comedy, much more fun than studying. Actually he discovers blonds and red heads, much much more fun than studying, but he discovers that the best way to meet said blonds and redheads is stand up comedy.
As a Hindu Tapan has many, many Gods and he is surprised to meet his spiritual opposite. Atheist comedian Keith Lowell Jensen. Keith has no gods, not one.
The two immediately hit it off as they LOVE making fun of each other's religion and lack there of. In fact it's too much fun to keep to themselve's so they bring in
A JEW, A Christian, A Muslim and a Buddhist and The Coexist Comedy Tour is Born heading out across this great land, by van, no airline on earth is going to let this bunch past security.
In your town soon.
Come out for a night of Sacred Cow Tipping!"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We're Back

Yeah, We're back on the road. with shows booked from LA to Seattle.

You'll see some new faces and there are more new faces to come so if you've seen us before, come see us again. New jokes, some new comics and you'll have forgotten some of the old jokes anyway ya drunken louse.

Very excited about 2009. I'm going to pick up one them cool digital cameras and do a better job of documenting our adventures on the road.

Oh, and dig the new artwork. Thanks to the amazing Tom Working for that. Visit him here: and give him work. He likes work. He'll give you a good deal on a tattoo.

See you all soon...