Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Coexist? Comedy Tour THE MOVIE Update

I talked with Larry Brand a couple of times this week and The Coexist? Comedy Tour film has a preliminary edit finished. A color correction and audio mix are next and then it should be ready to unveil. I have yet to see the latest edit myself but a copy should be on its way to me shortly. I'm very excited to see what has come together.

Originally this was just a concert film with a few behind the scenes looks at the tour but our Christian at the taping opted not to sign his talent release and it became a much more interesting film at that point as we held auditions in New York, Los Angeles and Sacramento to find a new Christian. Many hilarious comics auditioned and it hurt to have to say no to any of them but we were very pleased to be able to say yes to John Fugelsang.
Fugelsang's Coexist? Set was taped in New York and marked the completion of principal photography.

The Coexist? Comedians in the finished film will be Moshe Kasher, Sammy Obeid, Tissa Hami, Keith Lowell Jensen (aka me) and Tapan Trivedi plus Fugelsang. I'm hoping we'll be premiering the film on both coasts in February 2012.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Fantastic show Friday night at Cal Poly, SLO. Pictured, Tapan Trivedi -Hindu, Hasan Minhaj -Muslim, Erikka Innes -Christian, Dylan Brody -Jew (atheist Jew to be precise) and Keith Lowell Jensen -atheist.
Great crowd and Terry at Cal Poly treated us like royalty. We wanted for nothing.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Cal Poly this Friday

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo hosts the Coexist? Comedy Tour this Friday!

Catching up!

John Fugelsang
This poor blog has been woefully neglected. Since last we spoke principal photography finished on The Coexist? Comedy Tour movie. John Fugelsang participated in nation wide auditions and ended up our Christian in the film after our original Christian had to drop out in response to higher calling, as in his agent called him and told him to drop out.
We're stoked to have John, stoked to have the film being finished by director Larry Brand who is hard at work editing in New York. More news on that soon. I will try to keep up better with the blogging.